About Us

About Us

Charlie The Farmer

Hi I'm Charlie, the Farmer here at Southview Southview Farm and Founder of Charlie's Farm Shop. We are a "real" farm shop on a working farm and take great pride in the milk and meat that we produce.

For three generations, since 1919, we have been milking cows and in 1980 we began bottling and selling raw unpasteurised milk. In 2003 we started pasteurising our milk and shortly after started making our own luxury ice cream.

Our Butchery serves beef, milk fed pork and rose veal, all reared on the farm, together with lamb, pork, poultry and game all sourced as locally as possible.

We believe that people have never been so interested in quality local food and how it is produced, in freshness and in traceability. Charlie's Farm Shop provides a wide range of locally sourced produce to include fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, cheese, bread, cakes, beers, wines and meal staples. All the ingredients for a good wholesome meal are available to make your journey worthwhile.

Come pay us a visit and see for yourself!



Sarah The Farm Shop Manager

Hi I’m Sarah the Farm Shop Manager and Farmers wife!

I’m in charge of everything shop related, whether it be sourcing local produce, making Ice cream, serving our customers or doing the accounts.

It’s great to build relationships with our wonderful local producers. We are lucky to live in such a great food producing area.

Having been brought up in the country, I have always loved the outdoors and in particular horse riding. I’ve worked in Guernsey and more recently London, but it’s wonderful to be back in Sussex.

When I’m not in the shop I enjoy getting involved in the farm work, whether this be calving cows, working my sheep dogs or helping bottle milk.



The Butcher

All at Charlie’s Farm Shop pride ourself on resourcing local, high quality meats to sell to our customers. All beef, lamb, pork as well as Rose Veal from the farm is retailed through the new shop. Traceability is very important and we use only local farms to supply our butchery. Our suppliers methods are all free range and their animal husbandry is of upmost importance, several of our farmers have set up initiatives to help local wildlife as well. We have a duty of care not only to nurture but to protect the countryside that we’re using to offer outstanding products.

The pigs at Southview Farm are fed milk and barley to produce a rich and creamy taste, with crackling that just melts-in-the-mouth. The Rose Veal is also fed milk for up to 7-8 months. The Friesian bulls are reared humanely and Charlie’s farm shop has brought this speciality meat back to the customer. All of the beef is from the farm and is hung for 21-28 days. Sausages, ham and bacon are all produced on site using the highest quality preparation methods. To produce good meat you need to source the best animal, hang it for the correct amount of time and prepare it to the highest standard.

We will recommend not only the correct cuts but the ones that will give the best flavour and taste. We also prepare oven ready meats, that can be put in the oven and produce a dinner in a very short time and are always prepared to accommodate most cuts of meat as well, you just have to ask! Game is Charlie’s Farm Shop’s speciality when it is in season, we have the famous Charlie's stuffed pheasant breasts! This has to be tried!

Game is normally hung to the customers requirements.